Thom Yorke – Has Ended [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Thom Yorke - Has Ended [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

The anticipated remake of Dario Argento’s horror classic Suspiria, directed by Call Me By Your Name’s Luca Guadagnino, is in theaters on October 26, and Thom Yorke’s soundtrack to the film will be out on XL Recordings the same day. The Radiohead frontman has released samples of the score in trailers for the film, and premiered the full full track from the album, a song called “Suspirium” featuring his own lead vocals, last month.

Now he’s released another sample from the soundtrack double-album: a droning, psych-rock composition called “Has Ended,” featuring echoing, processed vocals from Yorke and a synth-sitar underpinning. If you enjoy Yorke at his most Can-worshipping, then “Has Ended” may be the song for you this morning. The song, like “Suspirium,” comes complete with an abstract animated video.

At Suspiria’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival last month, Yorke comparedthe experience of composing the soundtrack to “making spells.” Yorke hostedlistening parties for the soundtrack album in cities all over the world last month.  Yorke will hit the road for a North American solo tour next month; see the dates here. Yorke toured with Radiohead and collaborated on a multimedia sound installation in Berlin earlier this year. Listen to “Has Ended” below.

Thom Yorke – Has Ended [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

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