Tech N9ne – H.O.B Ft. Nave Monjo [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Tech N9ne - H.O.B Ft. Nave Monjo [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Tech N9ne fans are well aware of the rapper’s hedonistic tendencies, and he’s never been one to shy away from a pornographic romp. Though the Kansas City legend has spun many-a-tale about his bed-knockin’ prowess, Tech knows better than most that actions have consequences. On “H.O.B,” Tech examines what happens when one’s chickens come home to roost. Though his sexcapades have no doubt proven numerous, he finds himself pondering the fickle nature of such courtships; where is the line drawn between admiration and resentment?”Though you through with all them ass givers,” raps Tech, ostensibly hanging up his spurs, “a bad chick, I have shivers cause you got too many bitches in your past n***a.” Paired with a melancholic chorus from Navé Monjo, “H.O.B” carries an undeniable sense of world-weariness. Though rappers tend to enjoy their extra-curricular activities, it’s interesting to see a more introspective take on what happens when the lights flicker on, and the post-coital pee has come to an end.

Tech N9ne – H.O.B Ft. Nave Monjo [Zippyshare + 320kbps]

Quotable Lyrics

So many different flavors turned to so many different haters
Social media instigators hate the way you display your way up
With bae laid up and shade is made up
Concocted, some consumed it, some blocked it
When undisputed ones lock it, from dumb and stupid
Preposterous bitches
Lost in this sickness cause you bossed it and whipped it
You tossed and then split quick
Can get a lady really caustic and wicked

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