Mario – Dancing Shadows [Album] [Zip + iTunes]

Mario - Dancing Shadows [Album] [Zip + iTunes]

Mario retained his heartthrob by acquitting himself on two fronts: as a decent falsetto with superior dancing talents. Dancing Shadows his first LP since D.N.A. in 2009 finds him back in a workshop scenario, on songs where he pleads his relative worth in the cheery voice of an adult falsetto. The last time we took heed of his talents, Mario was in the midst of a career renaissance, thanks to his connection with Sean Garrett and the venerable Gucci Mane, which proved in effect that he could hang tough if asked to embolden his image.

Mario’s return in 2018 sees him retrace the initial steps that proved invaluable to his lasting power. On Dancing Shadows finds himself in a convalescent mood, though at this seems obvious that at this point, Mario is more at ease in a dimmer spotlight hanging over his head. Check out Mario’s surprisingly cohesive comeback attempt, very much the work of a wizened individual who writes on his vision board each morning.

Mario – Dancing Shadows [Album] [Zip + iTunes]

Dancing Shadows

1. Drowning
2. Too Many Options
3. Dancing Shadows
4. Mirror
5. Gold Plates
6. Good Times
7. What You Started
8. One Man Woman
9. Care for You
10. Goes Like That
11. I Believe

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